Living in Bali as a rich man with 860€ a month

Living in Bali as a rich man with 860€ a month

Portada RentalMonth´s Magazine Living in Bali as a rich man with 860€ a month

If you want to live in Bali as a rich man with less than €900 a month, I will explain to you, step by step, how to do it. But first, it is worth explaining what my idea of being rich is, since the concept of wealth differs greatly from one person to another.

My idea of living as a rich person means, living in a villa with pool, by the beach; being able to eat out every day, having a housekeeper to clean the house at least 3 times a week and also do my laundry, so I will never have to use a washing machine.

Do you want to enjoy this lifestyle on an island like Bali, where you can also find the best beaches for surfing in the world?

Well, here I will explain to you how to do it. If you have savings, like an online business or a pension with which you can spare 860€ per month, you can live in Bali very well; in just the 5 minutes, the time that will take you to read this article, you will have all the keys and contacts to achieve it.


Housing in Bali – €320

Luxury accommodations at affordable prices, one of the best things Bali offers.

You can find stunning villas with a swimming pool and numerous rooms for less than 800€/month; if you share the house, a room plus expenses can be affordable, at about 320€/month.

Here are some examples of accommodations found on Rental Month and in the Facebook groups that exist, which can help you search for accommodation in Bali.

In Facebook groups, you can search among the many offers posted each day, or write a message explaining what you are looking for, so that other users can comment on the available options.


Renting a villa – 320€/month

This price of 320€ is per room, assuming you share the villa with more people.

Renting an entire villa for you, may be a good option if:

  • You have a family
  • You want to rent the other rooms, to share expenses
  • If you want to rent the other rooms in order to make money with Airbnb

In order to get good prices when renting a villa in Bali, you usually have to make a minimum of a one- year contract. Monthly payments are usually not available. Payment for the rent of a villa is expected to be in cash. For example, if a villa costs 150 million of rupiah (around 10.000€) for 12 months, you will have to pay the full amount in cash when signing the contract. In a few occasions a payment in two installments might be accepted, but that only when the arrangement is done directly with the owner, not through an agency.

You can find good 3 rooms villas in Canggu (for me, one of the best areas in Bali to live in), for about 150 millions of rupiah for twelve months, which in the end would amount to 800€ a month.

When renting a whole villa, you have to take into account expenses like the internet, electricity, cleaning and maintenance of the pool, which I will explain in detail below.

Expenses for a villa – €150/month

  • Electricity: 50€/month
  • Cleaning service 3 times a week: 40€/month
  • Poolman: 30€/month
  • Internet y cable: 30€/month

Assuming you find a three room house for 150 million rupiah a year, and decide to rent two of the rooms, you would pay for your own room less than 270€ a month, plus about 50€ on expenses, which in the end, would be a total of about 320€ for your room.

Here is an example of a villa in Canggu that you could rent for 180 million rupiah a year, through an agency. Please keep in mind, the agency charges 10% commission, so this same house, or a similar one you could get even cheaper.

An example of a villa rented by an agency in Bali



Renting a room in a villa – €380

If you do not want to a one-year contract, having to release all the money at once and having to find people with whom to share your accommodation, the best option maybe renting a room in a villa.

This way, you can pay on a monthly basis; and in Canggu you can find good rooms for about 6 million rupiahs a month, which are usually about 380€.

The best options to find these are, once again, Facebook groups.

In case you are looking for a room in a villa in the Canggu area, the best group for this is Canggu Community; better than the other groups dedicated to the renting of entire villas.


A room in a Guesthouse – €190 – €380

This may be a good option, if instead of sharing accommodation with the same people every day, you prefer to meet new people each day, or just interact with others, whenever you want.

A guesthouse offers a little more privacy than a shared villa, and everything works as it does in a hotel. This way, you will never have discussions regarding house rules.

Rental Month is the best way to find guesthouses where you can rent the rooms on a monthly basis. You can make reservations for a few days and then speak directly with the owner or responsible person to know the prices and options for longer periods.

There are villas with many rooms that were adapted as guesthouses, combining the advantages of both options, like on the following example:


B Guesthouse – €380

This villa, located in a quiet area of Canggu, less than 10 minutes by motorcycle from the beach, I stayed in it for a few days. It offers excellent quality-price relation.

I asked for a monthly rate and they charged me 6 million rupiah a month (about 380 €).

Keep in mind that the price is always negotiable and can vary according to your look.

That price included daily cleaning, electricity, internet and water. In addition to having a room with private bathroom, you can share the kitchen, and there is free water and coffee.


Home 46 – 190€

For something less luxurious, you can get a room with a fan and access to a swimming pool, in one of the guesthouses also in Canggu, near the beach (about 5-10 minutes by motorbike), for only 3 million a month (€190), as the one that follows.


Rent a studio – €350

For more privacy, you can find studios in good areas, like Seminyak, from about 350€ per month, such as in apartments in Bali True Living, where monthly prices already include daily cleaning, internet and cable TV. No pool.


Eating out every day – 350€

In Bali you can dine for less than 2€, or spend more than 8€ on a breakfast: you have to choose. On average, alternating local places with other less local ones, you can spend about 180,000 rupiah (12 € aprox.)/day, that between breakfast, lunch and dinner, would cost about 350€ at the end of the month.

Here is an example of a day in Canggu, eating at three different restaurants:


Breakfast – 2,50€

On Waroeng, one of my favorite places, where I can also work with my computer, as it has internet and plugs.

All breakfasts include fruit juice and coffee. I always choose between the Florentine Egg that comes for 40,000 rupiah (2,5 €) and the Morning Granola (varied fruit and yogurt) that costs also only 40.000 rupiah (2,5€).

In addition, the staff is lovely.

On Waroeng in TripAdvisor.


Lunch – 5,60€

At Gourmet Canggu you also have very good food, at a very good price, although a bit more expensive than the previous one. There, you can eat some delicious Australian beef veggies with potatoes, salad and soda for 75.000 rupiah.

Gourmet Ganggu in TripAdvisor.


Dinner – 2,00€

In Warung Kicen you can dine a Nasi Goreng with natural watermelon juice for only 32.000 rupiah.

Warung Kicen in Facebook.


Laundry service expenses – 5€

Forget to use the washing machine, to stretch out and iron. In Bali you find laundries everywhere, where the kilo of clothes, costs you between 7,000 and 9,000 rupiah.

Assuming you launder 9 kg of clothing per month (be aware that you only have to wash bathing suits and short sleeved shirts), you would only be spending 5€ a month, to have your clothes cleaned in 24 hours.


Visa – 80€

This is another expense that must be taken into account and other things that you have to watch carefully when it comes to living here: the type of visa.

There are many types of visas, with which you can stay for two months, six months, a year or permanently.

Assuming you are going to travel with the tourist visa, which lasts two months, it will cost 80€ total each time you renew it. That is, you would have to spend 80€ every two months to renew the tourist visa, in addition to having to buy a ticket to leave the country.

Booking with time allows you to go to Singapore or Malaysia for about 80€ round trip.


Transportation – 40€

The transport by excellence in Bali, is the motorcycle and here you can rent one for only 650.000 rupiah a month (just over 40€). Gasoline is also very cheap and only costs about half a euro a liter.


Phone – 5€

Phone: I use the XL Company, with which you have 8GB of internet for 59.000 rupiah.


Health Insurance – 60€

A good travel insurance is a must when traveling outside of Europe.

You never know what can happen: the bite of a simple mosquito that can cause you dengue or malaria is a reason why you could be admitted to a hospital several weeks, with the costs involved. So if you do not want to see your bank account with 5.000€ less for a simple incident, take a good health insurance.

IATI health insurance is one of the best and cheapest, and for about 60€ per month, you are fully covered.


And for you, what is to live like a rich man?

And this is all you can do in Bali for less than €900 a month.

I’m sorry to disappoint you if you thought that those €860 also included gala dinners, driving a cabriolet and drinking champagne every day.

As I said before, the concept of wealth differs greatly between one person and another, but I hope it has at least helped you to get an idea of how much money you need to live in Bali.

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