Why Choose RentalMonth

No fees, you receive what the customer pays. The customers will be able to contact you straight away trough email, phone, whatsapp... You decided!

Booking Made Easy

RentalMonth dont keep the details of your customers and they dont have to make the booking trough our platform. They book with you, without intermediaries.

It is free

The first 3 months, it is free to keep your listing. If you see this is working for you, you can keep the listing for only 195€ per year. If you earn, we earn.

How To Become a RentalMonth Host

1. List Your Place

You only have to join and list your places. Put the monthly price and select the months you want to rent and talk straight away with your customers.

2. Welcome Your Guests

Say hello to digital nomads, students and workers from all over the world.

3. Earn Money

Be ready to rent your places monthly without the costs and work that you have to asume with daily customers, and keep earning much more money than with a traditional rental.

Keep Everything Under Control

Listing Management

You can make as many changes as you want in your listings. Access to your account and update the prices and availability at any moment.

Booking System

The customers just have to send you a message trough our platform o to your whatsapp, so you can talk and close the deal easy, quickly and without intermediaries.

Prices and Fees

No fees. You only have to pay 195€ after 3 months if you want to keep your listing one year more. Try without giving your card details and decide later.

Frequently Asked Questions

Just click in Become a Host and enter the details of your place. Hotels and apartments are all welcome.

The customers pay straight away to the host. They decide how to receive the payment. By card, in cash…

Once you make your account and list your first place, you will be able to upgrade your place to featured for only 50€/month.

We don’t take any money, the refund conditions have to be agreed before making the booking with the host.

Any hotel who want to monetize their free rooms during the seasons they decide. Particular apartments are also welcome but they have to comply with the law of their cities.

You decided. Whatsapp, phone, email… You can publish the contact methods you want. There is no limits.

The customer pay to you straight away, so you can be paid at the same way you receive the rest of your payments.

It depends of the policy of every host.

List Your Space

3 first months free without giving your card details. Try now, earn money and decided later. Say goodbye to high fees!


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